5 Tips for a Successful Move

How to Prepare for the Moving ProcessWhether the entire household is moving across the city or to a different country, it's important to approach the moving process with a clear understanding of what's ahead. That way, everyone can get on the same page in preparing for the move The following information provides all there is to know about the home moving process.

Obtaining Free Packing Supplies is Easy

Free packing supplies are easier than ever to pick up around town. The best place to check for boxes is all the local neighborhood groups on social media platforms. Upon submitting a request, many people are likely to share their leftover boxes, newspaper, and air cushions.

If this doesn't work or isn't an option, it's also wise to check local grocery stores, liquor stores, and other locations. Businesses tend to throw out a lot of cardboard each day, and may agree to set it out for anyone who needs it.

Decluttering First Can Help Streamline the Move

Even if households have all the boxes they could ever need, it doesn't make much sense to bring along every last item currently in the house. For that reason, it's a good idea to reduce the amount of belongings as much as possible before packing.

To do so, everyone in the house can first sort their belongings into three piles. The first pile will go to the local thrift store or get posted to a neighborhood group. The items in the second pile will go into the trash. The third pile will include things that are coming along for the move and will be packed into boxes.

Moving Checklists Are Key

Moving checklists are great to have on hand. They break down the moving process into easy-to-follow steps that everyone can check off as they go. This ensures that no one forgets anything along the way, keeping missteps to a minimum.

Some checklists even start eight weeks prior to the moving day to give everyone enough time to pack without compromising on their other obligations. Household members can find their perfect checklists online and print them out or even use an app.

Precise Packing Makes Everything Easier

Although it's all going to the same place, throwing everything into the same boxes will only prove frustrating in the end. Instead, it is important to group up similar items and pack them together. Go beyond breaking them up by room for the best results.

Think about the items that go on the kitchen counter, for example, and box them all up together. Continue working in this fashion until all the groupable items are packed away. Then, get a few miscellaneous boxes together to finish off the process.

Hiring Movers is Well Worth the Extra Expense

Hiring movers is always well worth the extra expense for those who can afford it. A professional moving team can load up the boxes into the truck, transport them to the new location, and unload them into each room. Or, they can handle the entire move, starting with the packing process.

By understanding all there is to know about the moving process, everyone in the household can complete the steps with ease. All their preparation efforts will go a long way in making the process go as smoothly as possible, every step of the way.

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