Home Marketing Program

Pre-Listing Research & Planning

A marketing plan is a roadmap to a successful sales experience. We start planning even prior to listing, making notes of a home’s best assets, the neighborhood and pricing it competitively.

Diligent, Thorough Marketing Research

We don’t believe in guesstimates or “ballpark” figures. We strategically price your home based on comparable recent sales to appeal to the widest audience while helping you get the most out of your investment. We look at trends and neighborhood features. We consider every aspect in pricing your home including your personal financial needs and timeline.

Monitoring Critical Feedback

We proactively seek comments from every agent who previews and shows your home. We want to know what they are saying and what their clients are saying. We use this input to place your home in the best possible position to sell.

A Team Approach

While your agent is your key point person, you can take comfort knowing there is a full-time staff of experienced professionals behind the scenes, helping you stay connected through the entire sales process. At Brittney Pino & Associates, you won't get lost in the shuffle.

Preparing to Sell, Showing, & Open Houses

Strategic Marketing and Staging

We create a marketing strategy for every home we list. We will assist you with preparing and improving curb appeal to help sell your home quickly. We pull out all the stops to present your home at its best.

Property Showings

Any individual property showings we schedule will be done with your convenience in mind. We will only schedule personal property showings to prospects who have read and viewed your property online, and who we have determined is a real potential buyer of your home. This minimizes inconveniences to all parties and increases the potential of getting an offer on your home.

Open Houses

Even with all of today's technology, open houses still work. We'll schedule your open house at a time convenient for you and market it to serious buyers. Even if they don't put in an offer, we still get helpful feedback from prospects who are actively looking. Interested buyers are provided with a well-produced feature sheet to remember your home. 


We understand sellers can be anxious when selling their homes. That's why we proactively keep you updated on any showings, feedback, inquiries, and marketing activity associated with your listed property. This is a good opportunity for us to touch base and share any thoughts or concerns. Our clients appreciate our accessibility.

Marketing the Home to Buyers

We use a multi-pronged approach to getting your home in front of more, qualified buyers. We use traditional print pieces and flyers, for sale signs, multiple digital platforms including social media, websites, and email. 

Exposure on the Greater Baton Rouge’s MLS System

We place your home in front of over 3,500 professional real estate agents in the Greater Baton Rouge area through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Our experience and expertise in real estate descriptions and imaging will get your property noticed by this army of sales professionals.

Active Marketing

While we already have thousands of potential buyers in our database, we are marketing and prospecting daily to find new people who may be interested in your home. We understand time is money, and we bring a sense of urgency to the sale of your home that others may not have. We are constantly visible and always in search of referrals.

Internet and Digital Marketing

Research shows that more than 95 percent of buyers use the internet to search for their next home. We are at the forefront when it comes to using digital marketing tactics and strategies that work. Your home will be marketed via major websites like REALTOR.com, Zillow.com, and REMAX.com. Your home will be seen on our own websites, agents’ websites, neighborhood websites, and on social media platforms. We reach out through email to prospective buyers and those we know are actively looking to buy. Over the years, we've invested in building our online presence and visibility to make your home available to thousands of potential buyers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will simply not get better internet exposure with anyone else.

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You may only sell a home a few times in your life. Choosing who is going to partner with you in that sale is a significant decision. You'll want to work with someone with experience, a superb reputation, and a track record of success in real estate. We invite you to read some glowing testimonials that we have received from past clients.